"The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion it has taken place."

"There is a language out there that most are not aware of." - Danielle Serpico

Just simply imagine how much more enjoyable life would be with the ability to connect easily and naturally with others.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) gives us the ability to speak to and hear the 93% of communication that generally goes unnoticed and un-utilised.

Accessing this deeper communication results in the ability to hear what others are trying to express better and also gives you the skill in speaking and communicating your message in a more influential and powerful way.

This results in more awareness, insight, empathy, kindness and love in your relationships and also better results in your leadership, sales and teaching skills.




& ..The deeper Art of Communication



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The NLP BootCamp Virtual Experience ...

These 4 MasterClass Workshops will cover;

  • How to COMMUNICATE more effectively and beneficially with yourself so as to relieve anxiety, stress and fear and have more confidence, self love and inner calm in yourself
  • How to COMMUNICATE more beneficially and effectively in your relationships with others, so as to have more love, joy and ease.
  • How to COMMUNICATE more effectively and beneficially with your leads so as to have better results in your sales and business.
  • How to COMMUNICATE more effectively and beneficially with your clients in your holistic, coaching,  wellness and therapeutic practices so as to get better results.

The ART of NLP is a subconscious GIFT that the universe has bestowed us all - however most are unaware - UNTIL NOW!

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4 Workshops that will TRANSFORM forever how..

you see, hear and experience communication.



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"Studying with Danielle Serpico has been the best decision I have ever made.  For 20 years I have suffered severe depression and anxiety. You name it I've tried it, CBT, Reiki, Chinese medicine, Acupuncture. They all have their place and there is a place for them all. The difference with Danielle is, she helps you look deep within yourself and she goes with you to help access the tools that are already there. She's 100% authentic, magnetic, energetic and enthusiastic and she is your biggest cheer leader every step of the way. Just take action and go do it. I'm so glad I did because now I know the best is yet to come! Everyone needs an NLP Expert like Danielle - she lives, breaths it and lights up the room every time .. even on zoom. Incredible courses that everyone needs to experience." - Adele Haughlan McRann