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The MasterMind MENTORSHIP 

Because we all want more than just training, right?

We want support, accountability and a like minded community.


In The BlackBelt MasterMind ACADEMY you will discover...

- What's been holding you back this entire time.

- What to do about it, if you want your love, your life and your business to thrive like never before. 


- Strategies to soar past your competition!

- Advanced subconscious strategies to achieve massive growth and FAST.

- How to Manifest what you WANT in to your life & business.

- How to LOVE yourself, speak to your Inner Child & attract LOVE in to your life.

- The BEST NLP, Hypnosis & Psychological Skills & Techniques for you to use immediately.

- How to handle it when things aren't going so well & also when they start going really, unbelievably well! 

After we have taken care of YOU..

we will then start to examine and look at how to bring these ground breaking methods into our communication for outward results with others.

Whether you want to be a coach or a wellness practitioner or upskill and add to your toolbox ...

or you simply want to lead your team, family or loved ones into a better life, with more sales, success & happiness,

The MasterMind Method™ will bring you there.

Get ready for a phenomenal year with HUGE discoveries, possibilities and new opportunities coming your way!



Access to ALL ONLINE Trainings, ALL Online Programs including the 90 Days & NLP Trainings

and Hypnosis Audios

Access to a Private MasterMind Community 

A supportive environment with regular check-ins!

WEEKLY Intimate Group Coaching & Practice Sessions with Danielle

Lifetime Evergreen Access to ALL courses

A year with close proximity access to Danielle as your coach!

Step by Step Process & Guidance with Group Coaching in Danielle's MasterMind

Certification & Training in the MasterMind Method & The NLP Practitioner

Group dynamics, motivation & support as part of a like minded community

Yes I can DO IT in a PAYMENT PLAN!

About your Mentor...

Danielle Serpico

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Danielle Serpico started her first business at 16yrs of age, literally by painting the town in technicolour with her art business, and then by 19yrs she had already established her first of three Restaurants, as well as numerous other businesses.

Her entrepreneurial spirit has continued to this day, with a variety of successful businesses under her belt.

Another belt she wears is a BlackBelt and as a European Gold & Silver Medallist Champion Martial artist, Danielle knows what it means to focus, win and succeed.

She is an established business woman, having founded and mentored many Start-ups and organisations. She is also a Radio Broadcaster with her weekly show MindMatters on 103.2 Dublin City FM and Author of the acclaimed 'The BlackBeltMasterMind Book', as well as Founder of "The BlackBeltMasterMind Academy" and The MasterMind System tm, where as Mentor, Hypnotist and Master NLP Trainer, thousands of students have trained, qualified and being certified, under her guidance and tutelage for over the past decade.

Now its your turn to learn and be mentored from the best in the field of Psychology, Hypnosis & Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) ...

with the Universal System The MasterMind Method.

This Program will catapult you into a new, exciting and abundant future.

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