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The 90 Day Wealth Activator MasterMind

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30 Days to a NEW Mindset! 

First we start with the withIN..

  • Connecting with your Emotions
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Re-Programming past beliefs
  • Creating NEW neural pathways
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I want to start with the first 30 Days of MINDSET for now!


30 Days of Knowledge!

Now it's time to discover the possibilities..

  • The NLP Fundamentals EverGreen Course
  • The NLP Practitioner EverGreen Course
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I just want to LEARN NLP first!


30 Days to Activate!

It's time to integrate into your withOUT now!

  • Activating INside and OUT
  • Taking Actionable Steps
  • Making it happen
  • Achieve your goal!
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Actually I want to go ALL IN and Do the 90 Days for FREE & go to The NLP Practitioner ITALY also!!!

What BBMM Alumni are saying...

Whether it is the best mindset practices, marketing advice, NLP training or the plethora of wonderful knowledge Danielle brings, you know you have the best on your side. The funny part is that there is so much more you learn that you didn't even know you had until one day you say or do something and a small smile comes on your face!

Jolene Clayton

WOW, just WOW. What a time we've had. A friend to sound business plans off and who will shove you in the right direction (sometimes even if you don't know you want to go there!!) Learning lots of new skills, and learning how to use language effectively for myself and for my clients. Business is so busy now, but on top of this I am actually calmer, happier and have learnt to recognise what I want, rather than what's expected of me or what everyone else want's me to do.... So liberating!

Gillian Orr

"Danielle is sincere, excellent at what she does and has your best interest at heart. I've studied NLP with Danielle and she was also my mentor. if you are looking for change & fast results, I highly recommend her.

Mary Agnes Hayden

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The MasterMind Method

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Weekly Video Training

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