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“Your beliefs become your thought, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.”


Sometimes what we believe is not always the truth. What we believe is simply our ‘map’, our way in which we see and perceive the world. Becoming aware of this and learning how to open your mind to new possibilities and perspectives can be a very enlightening and hugely powerful experience.
Realising that we often hold on, unbeknownst to ourselves, to negative and limiting beliefs, allows us instead to analyse them. We can then decide if they are useful or beneficial and ultimately affords us the potential to just let them go.
This results in huge growth and change, resulting in a new, brighter and more open and creative mind.
Imagine… how would life be different for you, with the skills, ability and confidence to look at every challenge face on knowing you are in control?
What could you do differently, once you have the knowledge that you will succeed and have all the resources you need already within you?

NLP FUNdamentals - the map is not the territory, The BlackBelt Mastermind


More Confidence
Self Belief
Focus & Clarity
Improved Communication Skills
Leadership Skills
✔ Negotiation & Influence Skills
✔ Body language & Rapport Skills
✔ Improved relationships
✔ More control over your emotions
✔ More Happiness!
✔ A HUGE advantage, perspective and understanding of HOW your brain works!


Then the NLP Fundamentals Course is for YOU!


This gives you an edge over your competitors in business, an advantage in sales and a head start to forming wonderful relationships in all aspects of your life.​


Prepare yourself for a whole NEW Map of the world!


Teachers, Trainers & Leaders - Learn EFFECTIVE Communication skills
Doctors, Nurses & Carers - Good 'bedside manners' and ways to help your patients relax more
Coaches & Therapists - Add subconscious communication to your skills and learn the art of building rapport
Parents - Help your children grow in confidence and build healthy relationships, by teaching them how to communicate effectively both with themselves and others.

Anyone that works with others and wants to discover ways to communicate more beneficially for better results!



(7 Modules with approx. 1 hr of lessons in each)

Giving you, in easy to understand language, the Fundamentals of NLP.



When you finish this course you will receive a Certificate of Completion in The NLP Fundamentals (Level 1) with The BlackBelt Mastermind Academy


& Module Quiz!


To reinforce your learning.

PRIVATE  Online Support

Access to an online community & support with past and present Alumni of The BBMM Academy. Ask your questions and I will answer!



With all the Key Points from your NLP journey so far! Very useful as you continue to learn and grow and yours to keep!


Certification as a Blackbelt Mastermind Practitioner in NLP Fundamentals - Level 1 gives you:


Access (if desired) to continue on to The Practitioner of NLP Online (level 2) with The BlackBelt MasterMind Academy.

When you want to attend the Live Training (Level 3) later in the year with the Blackbelt Mastermind (dates to be confirmed) to become a Certified NLP Practitioner with The Society of NLP, you will have your investment deducted from the LIVE!

About The Course


Continuous Enrolment

Courses are available on a continuous basis. Get access from any where in the world with our Evergreen Program! 



Study from the comfort of your own home. You will be given an email each day with information on completing the daily module. Each module should take roughly 1/2 hour to complete.



Your progress is tracked and satisfactory completion of all modules entitles you to Certification of Completion of The NLP Fundamentals Level 1 with The Blackbelt MasterMind Academy. 


Your investment gives you LIFE TIME access to all modules, videos, tasks, a private support community, PDF manual and, upon completion, certification.


NLP FUNdamentals - Five Stars


Ravinder Kaur

I just completed the NLP Fundamentals and I can't recommend it highly enough. Its for EVERYONE no matter where you are in your life and whether it be for personal or professional development. You learn so much, such as how our behaviours and beliefs are formed and how we can change our own, and other peoples negative beliefs. I loved every second of it and perhaps most importantly, I love Danielle and her infectious bubbly personality and her unique delivery. Wow!

NLP FUNdamentals - Five Stars


Claire Carron

I highly recommend signing up for a course with Danielle. She is a powerhouse of energy and inspiration. if you want to challenge your thoughts, open your eyes and learn how to communicate more positively and effectively then sign up. Thank you Danielle for sharing your wisdom 

NLP FUNdamentals - Five Stars


Sinead McNasser

I would highly recommend you take the time to partake in one of Danielle's courses. I have already learned so much after only 1 week. Danielle has a true passion for teaching and educating us in training our minds to transform our lives. She has a fantastic way of engaging and getting her message across in a fun and positive way & is so generous with her content & takes the time and patience to ensure you fully understand each step as the training progresses. I am so looking forward to learning more. It's a joy to be in the company of such a beautiful lady inside & out. Sign up for a course you will not regret it ❤🌟❤

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